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The Most Affordable Rolex

This article is part of a series called “Cost of Entry” on, and it reviews the most affordable models of watches from luxury brands such as Rolex. In fact, they start their list with Rolex, calling it “the brand … Continued

A Look at 100 Years of Rolex Oyster Watches

A little over 100 years ago, Rolex was first started and the Kew Observatory in Great Britain granted a “Class A” chronometer certificate to a  wristwatch for the first time. The evolution of the Rolex “Oyster” resulted from it, and … Continued

Eric Clapton’s Rare Rolex is For Sale

Eric Clapton is opening up his fabulous collection of rare Rolex watches and selling his Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6263 Oyster Albino. The exceedingly rare Rolex will be part of the next Phillips auction, due to take place on May 10th, … Continued

Baselworld – the Year of Evolution, Not Revolution…

… and yet the Internet’s head explodes. Go figure. And there was the smartwatch revolution instigated by Apple, with Breitling, Frederick Constant, and others launching their own connected watches. (Hint: Breitling nailed it) New movements debuted too, with Tudor (watch … Continued

Rolex’s Little Brother

Last week we touched on Tudor’s current releases, the Heritage Ranger and the Heritage Chrono Blue. These seemingly homage watches are actually extensions of popular watches of decades gone by. They represent the tip of a resurfacing iceberg. That of … Continued

Oysters, Perpetually, Part 2

Last week we started exploring the backstory behind the Oyster Perpetual label. We looked at the Oyster case as conceived by Rolex. This post delves into the perpetual side of the equation. So if oyster is the case, perpetual must … Continued

Oysters, Perpetually, Part 1

We’re about at the half-way point in these articles discussing the history behind modern Rolex watches. With that in mind, it might be time to discuss why Rolex uses the term “Oyster” for their water resistant watches. Rolex came out … Continued

Remember The Ladies!

For better or for worse, the history of wrist watches is generally the history of men’s watches. But no Rolex history series would be complete without looking at those watches produced for the ladies. And not just because Rolex produced … Continued

Going Along To Get Along

In the 1970s, the tsunami known as the quartz crisis swept though the watchmaking regions of Switzerland and Germany. It threatened to wipe out watchmaking as it was then known. Indeed, numerous brands disappeared during that time. Rolex, a strong … Continued

Five Reasons To Be Proud Of Your Rolex

Rolex has its haters out there, we all know that. Whether it’s because they’re too common, too successful, too secretive, too loved by non-watch lovers, too representative of some segment of society of which we secretly don’t approve, too blinged … Continued

New Rolex clasp in the works?

Over the decade, Rolex has been making slow improvements to their bracelets and clasps.  Before the early 2000’s, Rolex utilized what is known as the hollow link bracelet and “tuna-can” clasp. Made of 314L stainless steel, the older style tuna-can … Continued

Calling all Clark Gable Fans

  What’s a Hollywood Memorabilia Auction Announcement Doing on a Watch Blog? Guess I have auctions on my mind these days. Coming up next Monday is an auction of Hollywood memorabilia by British auction house Bonhams at their New York … Continued

New case design coming to Rolex?

Rolex’s Oyster case design is both a design mainstay, and a watertight technology that many other Swiss watch companies have emulated.  The Rolex Oyster case was the first water and dust proof case, a big improvement on watch durability as … Continued

Fitting a Rolex Bracelet

Rolex bracelets are somewhat easy to fit and size, given that you have the correct tools. The intent behind bracelet fitting is to have the clasp centered on the underside of your wrist, not off to one side.  Typically having … Continued

Yes, There’s a Battery in Rolex’s OysterQuartz

Rolex is renowned for making mechanically powered timepieces, but from 1970 through 2001 Rolex also produced a battery powered and quartz regulated wristwatch known as the Oysterquartz. Creating a quartz watch was not necessarily Rolex’s method for keeping up with the … Continued

What do Oysters have to do with Rolex?

Rolex was the first company to serially produce a watch that was impervious to day-to-day dust and water.  Rolex was able to achieve this feat by patenting a caseback that screwed into the case, a crown that screwed into the … Continued

Rolex Innovations

rolex have introduced many innovations, in fact the company’s history is littered with them. The company was originally formed to popularize wristwatches for both men and women in a time when the pocket watch was still king. The fact that … Continued

Rolex the Beauty the Magic

Nothing says you have arrived like a rolex. Of all the ways a person can extrude confidence, taste, affluence and success, a rolex watch is the king of them all. You can keep your iPad, your Gucci and your Jimmy … Continued

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