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Rolex President Facts

A Rough Beginning

Our Rolex President facts take us back over 60 years. It was then when Rolex was on the verge of giving up on producing complicated timepieces. Their first Day Dates introduced, called “moonphase watches,” were not selling or attracting any interest. However, Rolex came up with a niche model that soon became one of its most distinctive watches.

A New Level

In 1956, the first watch that spelled out the days of the week in 26 languages was born, ref. 6511. This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date was a brand new type of calendar watch. The day and date was visible in two separate apertures of the dial. In addition, the date and day of the week would turn instantaneously at midnight. In fact, Rolex subjected the Chronometer to the highest precision tests, and the Oyster case was 100% air tight to water and impurities. Rolex President facts note that the earlier Day Dates were water resistant to only 165 feet, while the more current models are water resistant to depths of 330 feet.

Subsequently, inevitable popularity developed around this niche model offering its wearer distinction and prestige. Besides, the Day Date was only available in 18K gold or platinum. As a result, this successfully positioned Rolex to a new level in the marketplace.

Rolex President

The “President Watch”

It had been rumored that the first Rolex given to then President Eisenhower was a Day Date “President” watch. Yet, the facts reveal this rumor was false. The first Rolex given to the President was actually a solid gold Datejust, ref. 6305. However, Mr. Eisenhower was not the first American President to wear a Rolex watch. President Roosevelt sported one for several years. In addition, Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, and Ford, to name a few, were proud wearers of Rolex Day Date watches. The Rolex President facts lead us to the origination of its name – Because the Day Date has earned its reputation on the wrists of many world leaders, particularly American presidents, this timepiece has become known as the Rolex President watch.

Rolex President Facts Highlight Added Features

In 1972, Rolex added the “hack” feature that enabled the second hand to stop completely when the crown was fully extended. This would enable the wearer to reset the time with better accuracy.

The late 1970’s introduced the “Single Quick Set” feature. This feature solved the lengthy problem of setting the date function, but not the day. In the late 1980’s, Rolex introduced the “Double Quick Set” feature. This feature allowed the wearer to quickly set the day and date.

Browse These Elegant Timepieces

Today, Rolex offers a wide variety of Day Date models.  In fact, you can find these authentic, elegant watches at BeckerTime in 18K yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. While some styles are very basic, stunning options with diamonds and other precious gems are also available.  Needless to say, the Rolex Day Date President watch remains synonymous with success and marks a distinguished milestone in one’s lifetime.

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