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Rolex And Aftermarket Modifications? An Unbiased Look

We’ve all heard stories about how vigorously Rolex protects and defends their trademarks and patents. In fact, I once heard a story about them running a small jeweler out of business for servicing a fake Rolex watch. That may be a little extreme. But, the storyteller couldn’t offer any proof that the incident had actually […]

What are Vintage Watches

So, what are vintage watches? Most collectors consider Rolex and other fine timepieces older than 25 to 30 years old as vintage watches. This is not only because of their age, but also because how their design and technology matches the time period in which Rolex produced them. For many, collecting vintage watches is an […]

Vintage watches: So where do I start?

How to Find a Vintage Watch Let’s start with a brand whose strong influence on the industry (and in facts et the timing standard for the rest of the watch industry).Who doesn’t love a list of Rolex watches to gawk at and dream about? Luckily Bloomberg decided to give us a list of almost two dozen […]

So you think you want a vintage watch?

Do you want a vintage watch?  Is a vintage watch a good fit for you?  Which vintage watch should you buy?  PreOwned Rolex?  Where do you start on your vintage watch journey? These are all good questions. Let’s first explore if a vintage watch is a good fit for you. Let’s use clothing as an […]