Examining the Mens Two Tone Oyster Perpetual

While today, only stainless steel versions of the Oyster Perpetual are available, this wasn’t always the case. Take for instance the mens two tone Oyster Perpetual models. Although these particular two tone Rolex watches are no longer in production, there are a few interesting examples in the secondary market. Let’s delve into some vintage and […]

The Rolex Caliber 1160/1161

In The Beginning The Rolex 1160 Caliber ran alongside the various iterations of the hugely popular 1500 series for a number of years. Rolex have always preferred to gradually phase in replacements for their calibers, rather than with a sudden, jarring leap. In the seventies, the 1500 series went through a similar process itself when Rolex superseded […]

The Ladies Gold Oyster Perpetual is the Little Black Dress of Womens Watches

In my opinion, a ladies gold Oyster Perpetual watch is the equivalent of that little black dress every fashionable lady has in her wardrobe. Ever faithful and dependable, it can be worn almost anywhere at anytime and never be inappropriate. In addition, the watch’s signature “Rolex” look, precious gold, and prestigious name make it stand […]

The Most Popular Rolex Watches of the 1990s

By the start of the nineties, the name Rolex had become inextricably linked with notions of success and achievement. While there are some that give the company’s marketing department the lion’s share of the credit, the brand’s faultless public image had been established first and foremost on the back of an exceptional range of products. […]

Iconic Rolex Sports Watches

There are two very distinct sides to the Rolex lineup: the dress watches and the sports watches. Whereas by nature, Rolex dress watches are designed to look great, Rolex sports watches are designed to look great and to serve a specific purpose. In fact, all Rolex sports watches began as a purpose-built tool for a […]

The Rolex Caliber 3000

The Rolex 3000 family of calibers started to appear in 1977, phasing out the first of the brand’s entirely in-house manufactured range of movements, the 1500 series. It was an extended process, with the two groups running simultaneously for a number of years. It wasn’t until 1990, for example, that the Cal. 1570 was replaced […]

The Most Popular Rolex Watches of the 1980s

A Decade of Redemption Between the rise of the yuppie, the larger than life cultures in music and fashion, and the general ‘greed is good’ mentality of wanton excess, the 1980s can seem like the decade subtlety forgot. After the relative drabness and austerity that characterized the 70s, the 80s were all about color and […]

A Closer Look at the Midsize Stainless Steel and Platinum Yacht Master

In the 1990s, Rolex unveiled a nautical-inspired timepiece they named the Yacht Master. Emphasizing the company’s affiliation with sailing lifestyle, the Yacht Master quickly became one of the brand’s most popular and most diverse collections. The midsize stainless steel and platinum Yacht Master ref. 168622 is an appealing model in the Rolex catalog for several […]

The Rolex Caliber 1555/1556

It will seem strange to anyone with even a passing acquaintance with Rolex that the fiercely self-sufficient Swiss watchmaking giant didn’t start manufacturing its own calibers until 1957. Until then, the movements in its ever expanding and increasingly popular catalog had been sourced from the likes of long-term partner Aegler. That all changed with the […]

The Most Popular Rolex Watches of the 1970s

As the 1970s began, Switzerland’s almost total dominance of the watchmaking industry was suddenly faced with its biggest challenge to date. Since the end of WWII, they had been enjoying a virtual monopoly, producing mechanical wristwatches that were so far in front of any other nation in terms of style, innovation and accuracy that they […]