6 Things To Do When Buying a Rolex Watch Online

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Know These Important Tips For Buying Rolex Online

Like with anything the Internet touches, there is a sense of the cyber world mirroring the physical world. Entities like Facebook mirror physical friendships and relationships, for good and ill.  The world of online shopping attempts to mirror physical shopping with online storefronts. For instance, the “Cyber Monday” sales day mimicked the venerable Black Friday for brick-and-mortar stores.  To this point, the Internet attempts to mirror online shopping for watches. However, just as there are both reputable and ill-reputable watch dealers in the physical world, there are as well in the cyber-world. Before you buy Rolex online, know the following 6 important tips for buying Rolex online watches , or any other fine Swiss watch.

1. Do Your Research:

Be sure to research the type of watch you want. Online dealers are particularly good at selling watches you have already selected. Attempting to Internet shop for a watch by trying it on, feeling its weight and fit is impossible. Subsequently, attempt to try a watch at a brick-and-mortar store before ordering online (although brick-and-mortar stores particularly like this practice).  Reputable online dealers – such as BeckerTime – will allow you to exchange the watch within a pre-defined trial period with no questions asked.

2. Do Your Research on the Online Retailer:

Rolex never sells watches online, and their Authorized Dealers do not as well. Online Rolex Dealers only sell pre owned watches, or new watches from the Gray Market. Because Rolex has high sales quotas for their authorized dealers, some Authorized Dealers sell their stock to the Gray Market at lower prices to keep their stock turning and quotas met. Online watch sellers should have a:

– Physical address that you can verify with Google and Google Maps

– Phone number for which you can call and discuss the transaction

– Valid email address. You should receive a prompt response to your questions.

In many respects, you are buying the online watch dealer as well as the watch. If there is the faintest of odor with an online dealer, move on. Learn more before buying a Rolex watch.

3. Verify that Authenticity is Guaranteed:

The online watch dealer must stand behind the authenticity of the watch. With the prevalence of fake watch websites selling Rolexes, only a trained veteran can spot a genuine Rolex. Rolex Service Centers inspect an incoming Rolex by removing the caseback and insuring that the main plate serial number, serial number on the case (between the lugs with the bracelet removed), and inside the dial all match with their records. Online sellers do not have access to the Rolex database, but they can spot a genuine Rolex after years of training. The watch with its original box and papers is a start for guarantying authenticity. A BeckerTime article on the importance of Rolex box and papers can be found here. Verifying authenticity leads to recommendation #4.

4. Make Sure there is a Rolex Certified Watchmaker on staff:

There are watchmakers who claim that they can repair Rolex, and then there are Rolex Certified Watchmakers. – Don’t confuse the two, and don’t let an online dealer attempt to confuse you. A certified Rolex Watchmaker must pass a five-day, rigorous American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) CW21 test in order to have access to Rolex parts, Rolex technical guide library, and Rolex tools. Rolex certified watchmakers also have access to Rolex’s serial number log to authenticate a Rolex watch. Be sure that any Rolex you are considering has been either serviced or inspected by a Rolex Certified Watchmaker to establish its durability and authenticity.

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5. Verify the Longevity of the Online Watch Retailer:

A questionable watch retailer can change Internet storefronts in an instant. Look to see if the how long the dealer has been in business and check third parties such as the Better Business Bureau. Asking about a particular dealer on an online forum, such as TimeKeeper Forum, also is a good source for credibility.

6. Verify that Shipping is from the United States:

For buyers in the United States, verify that the watch is shipping from the United States because there are stiff import restrictions for incoming Rolex into the United States. The only importer of Rolex watches is Rolex USA in New York City. All other Rolex watches will be turned away at US Customs. More information on Rolex and US Customs is available on a June 25, 2012 BeckerTime article.

Needless to say, BeckerTime fulfills all these recommendations and is no doubt the best place to purchase a Rolex.