60 Rolexes Stolen in Broad Daylight

It takes a pretty stealthy robber to steal 60 Rolexes in broad daylight, but it happened at Demetre Jewelers in Charleston. The owner, Peter Demetre said that the thieves took 60 Rolex watches worth about $700,000, and that he’ll be installing additional security measures but will not change his open-door policy that allows anyone to walk into the store.

As for the stolen Rolexes, maybe the thieves don’t consider the fact that every watch has a unique serial number, and that any legitimate buyer would check it and find out it was stolen. Paul Altieri, CEO of Bob’s Watches in Huntington Beach, CA has a Google news feed of Rolex thefts around the country on his website.

“I don’t know where they would sell those items,” he said, “I suppose they could end up overseas.” His comment is in regards to the fact that the serial numbers are engraved inside the case, and you can’t remove it without destroying the watch. There have been some suspects arrested but nothing is for certain yet.

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