A Closer Look at the Rolex “Rubber” Strap

You’ve probably already seen and heard about the “rubber” strap on some of the new Rolex models, so if you’d like a closer look at what’s really going on, definitely check out this article. Rolex has never really ventured to offer a wide selection of options as far as straps and bracelets are concerned, which is why this company has decided to replace the straps with it to make it a unique version.

It’s called the RubberB strap and it’s specially designed to fit different Rolex models like the Rolex Deepsea Glidelock. The unique fitting straps are for the Submariner and GMT Master II, however it’s still interesting to see who would want this version when there has already been so much controversy over the “non-rubber” straps of some of the newer Rolex models.

Apparently the feel and flexibility of the RubberB strap is a perk, as well as its durability. It’s meant to be more of a sports watch that is worn for a good portion of the day and allows for comfort, feel, and subtleness. Switching out the straps also makes the Rolex Submariner about 40 grams lighter and makes it feel more comfortable.

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