A History Lesson on the Rolex DateJust

One of the more understated members of the Rolex family, is the Date-Just, but it has such great history, style, and quality, that it should not be overlooked. In this article you’ll get an in-depth look at where the Date-Just comes from, and why it’s one of the greatest watches of all time.

The Date-Just is one of the earliest Rolex models that still is around today, and is said to provide the ideal lens for examining what makes the Rolex brand. The article begins with the founding of Rolex in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf, and the eventual production and release of the first Date-Just in 1945.

You’ll then get a look at the first Date-Just models which were housed in an Oyster case, and in 1926 became the first ever waterproof wristwatch case to be produced serially. The first Date-Just was the reference 4467 and it was only available in yellow gold.

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