A Must-Read History of Rolex Oyster Professional Watches

This piece on the story of Rolex Oyster Professional watches is a must-read for Rolex fans, as it moves beyond looks and status to talk about the watch’s role in many historical events.

The year 1953 was a monumental one for the company. It was when the first Oyster Professional watches, the Explorer and Submariner, were first developed. It was the same year that the Oyster Perpetual became famous when it was worn by Sir Edmund Hillary during his history-setting climb to the peak of Mt. Everest. And if that weren’t enough, Rolex also released the very first Submariner that year which reached its own milestone in water resistance capabilities.

These achievements represent timepieces that were truly meant for professional use. And in this case, “professional” doesn’t mean “office” but rather, the opposite. It was intended to be used by race car drivers, divers, pilots, and climbers who needed a watch that could withstand even the toughest conditions.

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