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A Quick Survey Among a Few Colleagues Concluded They Would Rather Own a Pre-Owned Rolex Over a Brand New Apple Watch


There is no doubt many Rolex watch owners who read articles like this and become quite angry. One reason such an article is infuriating is because the conclusions are based solely on social media posts. To state a claim that the Apple watch is more popular than a Rolex in a list of luxury brands is a bold statement that needs to be backed up by more than social media mentions. In some ways, it does make sense though as I have always wondered why my well thought out, interesting and relevant posts on Facebook get fewer likes than the random, stupid stuff some of my friends post. The point is just because random fools on social media think the Apple watch is, like, way cooler than, you know, a Rolex, doesn’t mean that is what most reasonable people think. In fact, I took a quick survey among a few colleagues and they all stated they would rather own a pre-owned Rolex over a brand new Apple watch.

There are several reasons to choose a Rolex watch over an Apple watch, here are just a few.

Rolex watches hold their value, they are an investment more than a mere purchase. I highly doubt that any Apple watch you buy today will even be relevant in five years and will not hold any type of value.

Rolex watches are more than just timepieces, they are a fashion statement, the final accessory to your outfit. Your Rolex looks simply stunning when you wear your Armani suit, the Apple watch just looks tacky.

But one of the best reasons to buy a Rolex over an Apple watch is because, according to this article, 80 percent of women said they would rather date a man with a Rolex. Those are numbers I can stand behind.

What are your thoughts?

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