A Rolex History Lesson

Many of us are well aware of the Rolex brand, but there’s so much more behind the history of it that really makes it remarkable. For instance, Hans WIlsdorf was the man who actually started the Rolex company, and was originally from Germany although he later moved to Great Britain.

Hans also came up with the trademark five-finger crown, which is meant to represent the five fingers on a hand, since everything in the watch was handmade. The Rolex wristwatch was established in 1905 when wristwatches were soon becoming popular as opposed using a pocket watch. Putting a watch on your wrist wasn’t really considered a manly thing to do at the time, and no one could imagine shrinking the pieces in a pocket watch down to a wristwatch size.

But Hans decided it was probably something he could do that would turn into a big seller for him. And it did! Hans and his team had the movement worked on for years until finally in 1910, the first real Rolex movement was created.

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