Afraid of Being the Victim of a Scam?


Here at Beckertime, we’re as concerned about scams in the pre-owned watch world as you are. Scammers are getting better and better, and there are several types of scams happening these days.

The first and most obvious scam is, is the watch simply being misrepresented? Does the price match the model and condition? This is fairly easy to check, once you are able to gage condition.

Second, is the watch in question genuine, or is it a fake? The fakes are getting pretty good, and determining genuine from fake is getting harder and harder.

Third, assuming the watch in question is genuine, is it a “frankenwatch?” That is, has it been assembled using parts from several watches. This is tougher to tell, but there are ways.

Fourth, has the dial been refinished ? Is it possibly counterfeit? A refinished dial can be spotted. But the counterfeits are getting very, very good indeed.

Fifth, assuming the watch is good, and that it includes box and papers, do the box and papers match the watch?

Keep your eye here on the Beckertime blog. Over the next five posts, we’ll cover each of these individually in detail. That way, you’ll know what to look for when you buy a pre-owned watch.