Aftermarket Parts and Resale: The Real Story

We’ve all heard the truism that, when you buy a new car it depreciates significantly the moment you drive it off the lot. Nobody quite understands why (I’m sure auto and insurance savants can weigh in here), but it’s not a truism. It’s a fact.

And if you add fancy aftermarket wheels, engine modifications, bodywork enhancements and the like to your car, you wreak even more havoc on resale value – unless you can find a buyer who wants exactly what you’ve produced with your shade-tree handiwork.

But what about with your Rolex watch? Does the resale value drop the instant you walk out your jeweler’s door with your beautiful new timepiece on your wrist and its box & papers, plus receipt safely tucked in the branded shopping bag you’re carrying?

Sadly, I’m here to tell you, yes. Although, in my opinion (I don’t have exact statistics), the devaluation isn’t nearly so bad as it is with that new Porsche you drove off the lot last month.

Aftermarket Parts & Resale - Channel-Set-Diamond-Bezel

But what if you add a new diamond bezel that isn’t Rolex’s own? Or a strap? Or a diamond dial from an aftermarket supplier – even one who produces work of exceptional quality?

That beautiful bezel, dial, or strap isn’t going to increase the value of your watch by what you paid for the bezel, dial, or strap. Aftermarket sales just doesn’t work that way.

So if you’re going to use aftermarket parts to modify your Rolex, do it for the look you love. Do it because all your friends are doing it. Do it to increase the utility of the watch.