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The Appeal of the Refined White Gold Rolex Day Date President

Key References of the White Gold Rolex Day Date President Watch

Among all the Rolex Day Date President watches, the most subtle are the white gold versions. Due to a similarity in color, white gold is sometimes mistaken for stainless steel if seen from afar. Thus, you can argue that wearing a white gold Rolex Day Date President is more for the pleasure of the wearer than to show off the presence of a solid gold timepiece. However, those familiar with Rolex aesthetics understand that the Swiss watchmaker exclusively uses gold or platinum for their Rolex President mens white gold watches—there are no steel versions available.

Regardless if the Rolex is worn for status, personal enjoyment, or both, it’s hard to deny to appeal of the elegant and refined white gold Rolex Day Date President watch. Donning a classic 36mm Oyster case in 18k white gold topped with a fluted bezel and presented on the iconic semi-circular link President bracelet, it doesn’t get more sophisticated than this. Plus, let’s not forget about the practicality of the calendar windows that display the day and the date that the watch is named after. Let’s explore some key references of the white gold edition of the Rolex President.

The White Gold Oysterquartz Day Date Ref. 19019

While Rolex certainly does not manufacture quartz models today, it was a different story in the 1970s. In 1977, Rolex unveiled the battery-powered white gold Oysterquartz Day Date ref. 19019.

Like its automatic movement counterpart, the Oysterquartz ref. 19019 was constructed entirely in 18k white gold, sported a fluted bezel, and a dial with the day and date apertures. In contrast to the mechanical Day Date watches, however, the Oysterquartz version did not have a President bracelet, but rather a flat integrated bracelet that was very much in fashion during its era.

Mens Rolex 18K Gold Day-Date President Silver Diamond 18039

The White Gold Day Date President Ref. 18039

In 1978, Rolex included the quickset feature to the automatic Day Date line to allow the wearer to adjust the date autonomously from the hour hands. Earlier versions of the Day Date did not include the quicket feature. Therefore, the center hands had to continuously turn past midnight until the correct date appeared in the window.

Additionally, the mens Rolex white gold Day Date ref. 18039 also had sapphire crystal protecting the face of the watch. Prior to the now ubiquitous sapphire crystal, Day Date watches—like all Rolexes—had an acrylic crystal on top of its Oyster case.

Mens Rolex 18K Gold Day-Date President Silver 18239

The White Gold Day Date President Ref. 18239

If two is better than one, then the mens Rolex Day Date Ref 18239 offers twice the greatness thanks to its double quickset feature. Introduced in 1988, the double quickset of the white gold Day-Date ref. 18239 permits the setting of both the day of the week and the date of the month without having to manipulate the center hands.

Mens Rolex 18K Gold Day-Date President White Roman 118239

The White Gold Day Date President Ref. 118239

The most current version of the white gold President, the Day Date ref. 118239 made its debut in 2000. A fitting new luxury watch to celebrate the turn of the century, the President ref. 118239 came along with an enhanced bracelet. The new version of the President bracelet now boasts solid links. Not only does this make the bracelet even more lavish, but it also helps prevent stretching over time.

The Larger White Gold Day Date President Watches

In addition to the traditional 36mm size of the Day Date President, there are two larger models also available. The now discontinued white gold Day Date II President ref. 218239 dons a generous 41mm size case while the current white gold Day Date 40 President ref. 228239 flaunts a slimmer 40mm size case.

This is the most discreet of Rolex’s quintessential luxury watches. The white gold Rolex Day Date President marries understated elegance and unrivaled prestige. Now, you can view more elegant pre-loved white gold Day Date selections here at

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