Are Men Really Getting Drugged for Their Rolexes?

You may have seen some of our previous posts about the NYPD reporting an increase in crimes that involve men getting roofied for their Rolexes, but just how realistic is it to happen? Well, apparently it has happened a lot. In fact, NYPD says that thieves in Manhattan have drugged about two-dozen men to steal their pricey Rolexes right off their wrist, according to reports last summer in 2014.

You might be thinking that you’re smarter than to let yourself get drugged, right? Well you might not be thinking clearly when an attractive woman (or two) offers to mix you a cocktail in your apartment after a long night. The scenarios typically happen like this: A presumably naive, wealthy guy goes out in New York for a night of fun, and ends up talking to an attractive woman who just so happens to want to go home with him.

The next thing he knows, he’s waking up by himself, without the girl, and with out his Rolex, credit cards, laptop, and phone. It sounds like something out of a movie, but it really did happen on several occasions! The moral of the story…watch out for who’s watching your Rolex and making your drinks!

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