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Learning A Lesson The Hard Way

Recently we had a terrible experience that I would not wish on anybody, especially not fellow watch nerds. We got burgled. This is a very traumatic time when one’s home is defiled, vandalised, and at times no longer feels like your home. It is definitely not how you should feel about your very own sanctuary […]

Christopher Ward

So if you read my last article, Christopher Ward is a fantastic fledgling watch company based in the UK that has been producing some fantastic, affordable and quality timepieces. I have had the pleasure of meeting the man himself after which the eponymous brand is named. It was a windy day and as I turned […]

Lifting The Lid

Many of us have been duped into the new age of ‘branded’ products, i.e. products have a name designated on them but have no relation or resemblance to the brand that it is actually representing. All in all we end up paying for a reputation not necessarily craftsmanship. There are obviously some powerhouses that have […]

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