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Used Rolex Watches are as Iconic as the Dodge Challenger

Watches have been around for over 500 years, well, maybe not the Apple watch, and have survived numerous technological advances.…read more

Used Rolex Watches Can Determine Your Social Position

Ever since their invention, watches have been status symbols, indications of a person’s wealth, social and professional status. For example,…read more

A Used Rolex Submariner Will Complement Even the Classiest Suit You Could Wear

If you wear a suit, a watch is a perfect accessory. For example, a used Rolex Submariner will complement even…read more

Whether They Wear Tag Heuer Watches, Philippe Patek or Used Rolex Watches, We Don’t Care, We are Just Glad There are Rock Stars Who Represent

We have written a few articles about famous people and the types of watches they wear. From time to time,…read more

Watch Dealer Punished for Falsifying Customs Documents

Due to the fact that some countries assess a Value Added Tax (VAT) on imported goods, some buyers located in…read more

Reputable Watch Brands From Which to Choose When in the Market for a Pre-Owned Luxury Watch

We have been keeping track of time for thousands of years; artifacts from the Paleolithic suggest that people used the…read more

Successful People Wear Used Rolex Watches

In our last post, I was pointing out the deeper wisdom held by successful people and ways in which their…read more

Owners of Pre-Owned Rolex Watches Hold a Deeper Wisdom

Are owners of pre-owned Rolex watches just good with money or is there a deeper wisdom to their success? I…read more

Some Fools Think Wearing a Used Rolex Watch is Enough to Boost Them to “Chick Magnet” Status

Getting girls to talk to you can be difficult for many men out there. While some men work on making…read more

For Those of You Who Skipped Out on Buying a Pre-Owned Rolex Watch in Favor of the Coveted 18-Karat Gold Apple Watch, Ha Ha, Jokes on You

For those of you who skipped out on buying a pre-owned Rolex watch in favor of the coveted 18-karat gold…read more

I Have a Used Rolex Submariner, an Apple Watch and an Older Casio With a Built-In Calculator; Which Watch Should I Wear?

Dear Watch Master, I will be attending a rather elegant party in the near future. I have rented a nice…read more

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