Men’s Rolex Watches

Back in the day, splitting Rolex’s extensive collection into convenient ‘his & hers’ categories was a simple process. The majority of the brand’s output was very much focused on the male customer, with the occasional model being taken away, shrunk to a more feminine size, renamed the ‘Lady Something or Other’ and offered for sale […]

The 36mm Rolex Watches

There’s no doubt the dimensions of watches have steadily grown throughout their lifetime. The minute jewelry-like pieces that were once the sole preserve of women took a sizeable leap when the wristwatch became an acceptable male accessory. However, for decades, it was rare for a man’s watch to exceed 34mm, but the introduction of sports […]

Future Classics: GMT-Master ref. 1675

As with pretty much any innovation, a brand new product rarely hits the ground running. A manufacturer can test and retest their latest creation for only so long before they have to release it out into the wild and let its intended audience decide on its effectiveness and desirability. Rolex is no different, and watches […]

Mid-Size Rolex Watches

Making sure your watch is the right size for your wrist is one of the most important parts of the whole buying process, but one that is often overlooked. It is even more critical today, with the recent trend for large pieces, and getting it wrong can seriously detract from an otherwise great look. Wearing […]

White Gold Rolex

There’s something very appealing about the personality of white gold. As valuable and costly as its yellow or pink siblings, white gold downplays its precious metal character, looking to the uninitiated almost exactly like stainless steel. That means any pieces of jewelry, and watches in particular, made in white gold are typically worn by people […]

The 40mm Rolex Watches

As far as trends go, Rolex are much more likely to lead than to follow. Generally, the Swiss watchmaking colossus sets the pace and the rest of the horology world tries to keep up. Perhaps the only area in which they have ever been late to the game is for the relatively recent drift into […]

Ladies Rolex Watches

Although watch collecting is seen by some as a particularly male-dominated activity, the truth is, the skill and craftsmanship that goes into creating fine mechanical timepieces is something that can be appreciated equally by both sexes. The timelessness of many of Rolex’s designs make them suitable as either men’s or ladies watches. With modern fashions […]