Why is it Important to Take Care of Your Rolex?

Congratulations! You’ve searched high and low, decided on your favorite model, and have taken the plunge by getting yourself the Rolex you’ve always wanted. While Rolex watches are by no means cheap, these mechanical marvels are built to last and therefore are great investments. In fact, if properly cared for, a Rolex watch can last […]

The Watch Collector Series: Watches and Cars

Watches and Cars Connection Scratch any enthusiastic watch collector and it’s a good bet you will also find a car collector, or budding car collector, lurking just below the surface. The two worlds have always been intrinsically linked. They share a number of overlapping qualities that inspire equally obsessive passions. Watches and cars are essentially functional […]

The Future Grail Series: The Green Submariners

A mid-life crisis can take many forms. For some, it involves nothing more harmful than looking up old flames on Facebook or developing an overwhelming urge to learn the guitar. For others, it can lead to spending the kid’s college fund on a Porsche or excruciating attempts to flirt with people 20 years their junior. […]

The Rolex Watches that Top Golfers Wear

The PGA Masters Tournament 2018 wrapped up last weekend and as the first golf major of the year, golf season is in full swing. So what better time than now to have a look at what Rolex watches top golfers wear? Rolex is celebrating 50 years of golf sponsorship this year and unsurprisingly, the Swiss […]

The Coolest Watches from Baselworld 2018

It’s been just over a week since Baselworld 2018 concluded. While the fair was both shorter and smaller than past editions, it’s still largest watch fair in the industry. Among the thousands of new releases, we’ve handpicked what we think are the coolest watches from Baselworld 2018. Read on to discover what they are. Rolex […]

Future Classics: The Rolex Day-Date Rose Gold ref. 1803

Rolex, famously, like to stay in control. Of everything. Their production base is one of the most comprehensive, vertically-integrated manufacturing facilities on earth, with essentially every component that goes into every one of their watches starting life inside their vault-like compound. The only element of the whole process over which they can exert no real […]

New Tudor Models from Baselworld 2018

While for a long time Tudor was relegated as the “poor man’s” Rolex, the brand has worked hard over the last few years to shake off this label and step out of big brother Rolex’s shadow to stand on its own. And Baselworld is where Tudor shines the brightest launching superb watches that boast great […]

Why Do We Collect Watches?

Collecting luxury watches, in fact collecting anything, has very little to do with logic. Some people, for example, collect coins, which they can’t spend. Others collect stamps, which will never go on a letter. Still others accumulate classic cars, which lack the reliability, comfort and performance of modern ones that are a fraction of the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Iconic Rolex Dress Watches

As a follow up to our Iconic Rolex Sports Watches feature, we’re now delving into iconic Rolex dress watches. From ultra-luxurious Day-Date President watches to simple everyday Oyster Perpetual timepieces, the assortment of Rolex dress watches is extremely varied and suits a range of tastes and budgets. Rolex Air-King While today’s 40mm Air-King is without […]

New Rolex Models from Baselworld 2018

New Rolex Models 2018 Unveiled The new Rolex models 2018 were revealed from the Baselworld exhibition. This  is the biggest watch fair in the business. It just wrapped up after about a week of unveiling some of the best watch brands in the world. Among those top watch brands is, of course, Rolex. Let’s have […]

David Beckham Scores Big With His Rolex Collection

One of the most famous athletes in the world, David Beckham rose to fame during his days as Manchester United’s key player. The soccer star also became the captain for England’s national soccer team and continued his career with other clubs like Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, and Paris Saint-Germain. A fan favorite, David Beckham also […]