Then and Now: The Rolex Air King

Different Iterations of the Rolex Air King Models Although Rolex is famous for constantly improving their watches, the timepieces tend to maintain the same overall aesthetic throughout the years. In fact, today’s Submariner, GMT Master, and Daytona watches look remarkably similar to those from the 1950s and 1960s. This is part and parcel of the […]

How To Find the Best Price on a Rolex Watch

Congratulations! You’re in the market for a Rolex watch. Rolex is the most iconic, most revered, most desirable watch in the world. You’re also a wise investor, it seems. Rolex watches are one of the few that actually maintain or increase in value over time. So now comes the big question. Where can you find […]

Luxury Preowned Rolex Timepieces at Affordable Prices

The Best Affordable Luxury Watches Ah, the look, the feel, the panache of a genuine, authentic Rolex watch. For some, buying that special timepiece is a lifelong dream. Wearing the Rolex brand symbolizes success, class and prestige. But alas, Rolex timepieces are only for the rich and famous. Or is it?  Discover the best affordable […]

A Look Inside The BeckerTime Lifetime Tradeup Guarantee

BeckerTime Customer Benefits The first thing you should know about BeckerTime is that we’re not just looking to make a quick sale. Yes, we’re an ecommerce business and yes, we love selling preowned Rolex watches to discerning customers around the world. However, what’s most important to us is the buying experience our customers have. In […]

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