There are Some Who Would Choose an Apple Watch Over a Pre-Owned Rolex, Perhaps We Can Save Them

Surf Google and you will discover any number of websites with posts about how great the Apple watch is. Being that we are open to new technologies, we thought we would read a few of these “pro” Apple watch articles and make our own determination about the Apple watch. So we are going into this with an open mind.


Open mind.

Open mind.

One of the better quotes we found was from a piece in the New York Times where a point was made that the Apple watch is here to “liberate” us from our smartphones. The author suggests because of its convenience, a few clicks of your Apple watch will eliminate texting, emails and music browsing that you do on your smartphone. So, basically, instead at squinting at your iPhone screen to text, compose an email or scroll music, you can now do the very same thing on your Apple watch, with has a much smaller screen not to mention the fact you look like an idiot scrolling 1980s hair bands on your watch.

Ha, ha, liberate people from their smartphone, we won’t even go there.

A Forbes’ magazine article quotes somebody (we don’t want to embarrass them any further) saying the Apple watch is a must-have gadget for those who wish to look cool.

Open mind.
Open mind, never mind.

You know it, we know it, but apparently some dude with a really bad haircut and bedazzled jeans thinks the Apple watch looks cool. Heck, Apple watches makes Casio watches look like Rolexes in comparison. And if you think messing around with your Apple watch in a social setting is less disruptive than fingering your smartphone, you are the same type of person who thinks cyclists don’t need to obey traffic laws. Or in other words, you are just plain rude.

And there is this; it is noted that the Apple watch does indeed function as a watch, so if you lose your iPhone, you can still check the time.

We are drawing a blank.

This statement is so full of derp we don’t even know where to start. So you check your Apple watch for the time, only to discover it has been 12 minutes since you posted to Instagram. We will tell you what is impressive, checking your pre-owned Rolex to ensure you are not late for your date, with a real woman.

While some people might be somewhat impressed by the fact the Apple watch promises to keep time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global standard, we really don’t care. That’s sort of like having a real accurate speedometer on your Hyundai Elantra.

We could continue dishing out about the Apple watch, but we think you are getting the point. Keep the apps, tunes, camera and everything else the Apple watch boasts and stuff it in your pocket with your iPhone and adorn your wrist with a stunning used Rolex watch instead.