Being Financially Stable Means You Can Follow Those Crazy Impulses to Collect Cool Things Like Used Rolex Watches, Fancy Art and Expensive Wine

One of the perks of being financially stable is the ability to follow those crazy impulses to collect cool things like used Rolex watches, fancy art and expensive wine. In fact, you can collect whatever happens to tickle your fancy.

Let’s face it, we buy certain things because we can, plain and simple. You don’t buy that hot tub boat because you need jetted, hot water for mind clarity and relaxation, you buy it because you can. However, buys like this can be some cause for concern. Think about the many ways a hot tub boat is a potential risk for a nautical disaster.

If you are going to throw money away at silly things, at least be somewhat smart about it. If you are not going to consider price when making a purchase, at least consider functionality and perhaps need. For example; do you really need a hot tub boat?

If you are financially stable, here are some things you really need.


Designer Surfboard

Driving to the beach in an Aston Martin is showing off; driving to the beach in an Aston Martin with a designer surfboard is over the top. But even if you don’t know the first thing about surfboarding, all is not lost, simply mount the designer surfboard in your den as a unique centerpiece.

Givenchy Leather Bag

There are some people who might think paying over $2,000 for a woman’s purse is excessive. But then again, there are those who think paying more than 30 bucks for a purse is excessive. You see, buying this bag is a smart move. The next time you get into a spat with your lady after making a remarkably dumb comment, ease tensions by presenting her with this gift that will surely lead to smoother waters.



You read that right. For the man who has everything, he must buy himself a guitar doorbell. This is a great buy as it serves a utilitarian purpose and is freaking awesome to boot. And you don’t even have to take lessons and learn chords to hear the sound of a guitar echoing through your home. Rock on!

Life Size T-Rex Skeleton

Have a spot in your home that needs something unique to fill it? Well, if that spot is at least 40 feet long, you can fill it with this life-size replica skeleton of a T-Rex. This really does make a great conversation piece.

So there you have it, our list of things you really need to own.