Fake Rolex Watches - The Consequences of Counterfeit Rolex

Don’t do Counterfeit Rolex

Two Types of Buyers of Fake Rolex Watches

As we have covered here before, counterfeit watches are big business with the Swiss watchmaking industry. It is estimated that tens of millions of counterfeit (a.k.a. knock-off) watches flood the market every year creating billions dollars in revenue. There are two types of buyers for fake Rolex watches: Those that don’t know and those that do know.

The Scammers

When traveling, be wary of people attempting to sell you a watch on the street. Especially if they are trying to pass it off as being genuine. In my travels in Mexico, people selling “Rolex” watches have approached me saying that they are made in Rolex’s Guatemalan factory. Or, that their father owns Rolex (yes, I have actually had someone tell me that their father owns Rolex). In Europe, hawkers have approached friends attempting to sell a “Rolex” for pennies on the dollar because the original owner needed quick cash.

Obviously, these people are trying to scam tourists. Legitimate retailers of authentic timepieces will not be selling on “the street” as they will have a storefront. It is not to say that all watches purchased from a storefront are authentic, so caution is still advised. Don’t allow emotion to overtake common sense. If the deal is too good to be true, it most likely is. Learn more about buying genuine Rolex pieces by checking out how to authenticate rolex watches.

For Those That Know

For those that know, it seems they purchase knock off watches thinking that they are costume jewelry purchased on vacation and that they will have a nice watch that matches the fashion of the day. Or to artificially elevate one’s perceived stature by wearing a fake watch and passing it off as genuine. They may believe that they do no harm.

Consequences of Counterfeit

All of these temptations bolster the counterfeit industry for which the Swiss watchmaking industry and legitimate businesses that revolve around the Swiss watch market, such as BeckerTime, all suffer. Counterfeit watches violate trademark and are illegal to import into the United States as well as other countries. Counterfeit watches also fund criminal and terrorist organizations. As a result, they hurt many innocent people. So if a counterfeiter approaches you, tell them you are not interested. If they persist, walk away.

Bottom line, don’t do counterfeit!

— Featured Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Archive.
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