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Don’t do Counterfeit Rolex


images-2As we have covered here before, counterfeit watches are big business with the Swiss watchmaking industry estimating that more than 40 million knock-off watches flood the market every year creating close to 1 billion dollars in profits.  It seems that people purchase knock off watches thinking that they are costume jewelry purchased on vacation and have a nice fake Daytona that matches the women’s fashion of the day, or to artificially prompt one’s perceived stature by wearing a fake Swiss mechanical. All of these temptations bolster the counterfeit industry for which the Swiss watchmaking industry and businesses that revolve around the Swiss watch such as Beckertime, all suffer.

Counterfeit watches violate trademark and are illegal to import into the United States as well as other countries. When traveling, be wary of people attempting to sell you a watch, especially if they are trying to pass it off at being genuine.  In my travels in Mexico, I have been approached by people selling Rolex saying that they are made in Rolex’s Guatemalan factory.   In Italy, hawkers in the town’s local art market approached me attempting to pass off a stainless Daytona for sale cheap, because the original owner need quick cash.  Family members have brought back known fake Rolexes for me to tinker with, but I convey to family that I only deal with the real thing intimating that they should as well.

It is obvious that wearing or packing a fake Rolex or any other Swiss watch brand through customs is an easy thing to do. With the amount of counterfeit watches that are worn through customs, it is easy to bring them into the country.  U.S. Customs allows for one Rolex watch in luggage purchased overseas, as well as one being worn if it originated in the U.S.  If purchased overseas, taxes still need to be paid and any Rolex beyond one watch violates the Rolex USA trade agreement  because of the number of real and fake Rolexes coming into the country. According to, an individual can hand carry one Rolex from a trip overseas without permission from Rolex USA. More on bringing in Rolex from overseas is covered on a June 25th, 2012 article on Beckertime.

imagesSo when a counterfeiter approaches me, I tell them “not interested,” because it is illegal. If they persist, I equally persist by conveying that buying a fake (even though they claim it is real),  that even purchasing one is illegal or else you would have a legitimate storefront, goes against my conscious that counterfeits undermine a legitimate industry, and illegal to bring into the United States and either the watch or myself can be seized at U.S. Customs. –That typically fends them off…

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