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Every Rolex Tells a Story and so does Roger Federer

During last year’s U.S. Open’s press conference, Roger Federer was seen wearing a vintage Daytona Reference 6263.  What was interesting is that Rolex ambassadors typically wear only the latest Rolex watches and vintage watches out in public are typically on the wrists of collectors or lifelong Rolex wearers.  Unlike many celebrities who become spokespersons or ambassadors for the watch company who writes the biggest check, Federer follows other sporting greats such as Jean-Claude Killy who love only one watch brand and endorse it through their entire career.  The video shows that Federer’s love of the brand, and that watches mark special moments for him.

There are some other aspects revealed in the video that are a little out of the ordinary. The theme that “Every Rolex Tells a Story” is a reoccurring one for Rolex. Rolex published a book in the mid-70 of the same name that included letters from Rolex owners describing their Rolex watch in uncertain circumstances. The idea that Rolex watches are worn during milestone events is reinforced with this book, and now, reinforced by Roger Federer. Every Rolex Tells A Story can be found on eBay and other Internet forums.  It is a small booklet, but should be in the library of any Rolex fan.

The YouTube video shows Federer taking out three Rolex watches; a platinum Rolex Day-Date President, a new Rolex DateJust (41mm) and the Daytona 6263.  Federer explains the significance of each watch in his life.  What is especially interesting is that Federer travels with two-three Rolex watches, is that he has particular watches for particular occasions, and that he has particular watches for specific milestones.  Additionally, what is particularly interesting is that Rolex helped him (or his wife) find a Daytona 6263 from the year of his birth, and that Rolex engraves watches for him. Federer did not reveal the engravings probably because Rolex officially does not endorse engravings on its casebacks, yet they do so for Roger Federer to commemorate milestones in his tennis career. Rolex claims that engravings weaken the caseback and make it more prone to deforming and leaking under pressure.

Although the shirt Federer is wearing during the interview looked like they it just came off a dry cleaners coat hanger, Federer sounds and looks completely genuine on his love of Rolex watches.

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