The Glorious Yellow Gold Ladies’ Datejust President

When you hear the words “Rolex President,” you probably immediately think about the famous men’s Day-Date model. However, unbeknownst the some, there’s another Rolex President—the ladies’ Datejust President. Just as exquisite as its male counterpart, let’s explore the yellow gold Ladies’ Datejust President.

Ladies Rolex 18K Yellow Gold Datejust President Champagne Diamond 69178

What is the Rolex Ladies’ President?

Unlike the men’s Rolex President, the women’s Rolex President is not a Day-Date watch, but rather it’s a Datejust model. However, to qualify as a Ladies’ President, it must come equipped with the famous President bracelet with the semi-circular links. Similar to men’s models, the women’s version of the President bracelet is exclusively crafted in precious metal, such as gold or platinum, and is often equipped with the discreet Crownclasp.

Aside from the standard solid yellow gold ladies’ President bracelet, there’s also an intriguing “Bark” President version where the textured center links resemble the surface of a tree bark.

The Variety of the Yellow Gold Ladies’ Datejust President

Among all the different yellow gold ladies’ Datejust models with President bracelets, we particularly like those with the five-digit reference numbers (ref. 69xxx) that Rolex manufactured from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s. This group of yellow gold ladies’ Datejust President watches offers a great balance between classic design, modern practicality, and more accessible pricing in the secondary market.

Ladies Rolex 18K Yellow Gold Datejust President Crown Collection Diamond 69138

For instance, sporting 26mm yellow gold Oyster cases, the five-digit ref. 69xxx Datejust models all include scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protecting the dial. Of course, there’s also the characteristic Cyclops magnification lens above the signature date window for which the collection is named after. Furthermore, the automatic mechanical movements within these models (Cal. 2135) boast the useful quickset date function, which allows the wearer to easily scroll through the date wheel to set the correct date without having to turn the center hands.

In terms of choice, there’s the Datejust ref. 69178 with the classic gold fluted bezel, the ref. 69278 with the distinct bark-textured bezel, the ref. 69138 with a precious diamond-set bezel, and the ref. 69158 with lavish diamonds on both the bezel and lugs.

The ultimate status watch for women, the yellow gold ladies’ Datejust President from Rolex has been a mainstay of the brand’s catalog for decades. And while Rolex recently replaced the Datejust 26 with a slightly larger Datejust 28, thankfully the smaller versions are still available in the secondary market. As big fans of the classics, we simply love the traditional yellow gold ladies’ Datejust 26 presented on an iconic President bracelet.