How Does Rolex React to Aftermarket Parts? -

How Does Rolex React to Aftermarket Parts?


So what really happens when you use aftermarket parts or accessories on your Rolex? How does Rolex react? (For this article, we’ll say said aftermarket parts or accessories are NOT carrying a Rolex logo or part number).

Well, not to put too fine a point on it but first Rolex needs to learn that you’ve done something to their watch. (There are those who will say that Rolex’s attitude is the watch is theirs. You’re only “borrowing” it.) And of course, the best way (only way?) for them to learn that is when you send it in for service.

Two-Tone Band

If Rolex discovers an aftermarket, non-Rolex part, they’re most likely going to refuse to service the watch. They’ll return it to you without having done anything.

That may not happen if you’ve only added an aftermarket strap from a custom maker. But if you’ve added a diamond bezel, dial, or diamond bracelet, you may get it thrown back in your face. Or, so some rumors go, have your bezel, dial, or bracelet confiscated if it looks too much like it’s trying to be Rolex Original Equipment.

Best to make sure everything on your beloved Rollie is on the up and up before sending it to Rolex for service.

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