Let’s Discuss the Matter of Wearing and Enjoying a Fine Watch, Like a Used Rolex Yacht-master or a Pre-Owned Rolex Daytona

Let’s discuss, for a few minutes anyway, the matter of wearing and enjoying a fine watch, like a used Rolex Yacht-master or a pre-owned Rolex Submariner, is a passion that somehow needs to be justified. As practical people, we view many luxury items as only needed when we can justify the need to own them. This, of course, flies over the heads of those who can buy a brand new gold Rolex with the cash they keep in their wallet. But for those of us who may even struggle to keep finances in order at all times, buying a luxury watch like a Rolex needs to be justified.

The reasons you want to own a pre-owned luxury watch may not be the same reasons you want to own an expensive sports car. For one reason, that Rolex on your wrist doesn’t scream mid-life crises like the convertible Porche you eyeballed at the dealership the other day. Besides, while only some guys look good in small, convertible sports cars, all guys look great wearing a quality luxury watch.

You want to own that Rolex watch because when you wear it, people will take you more seriously. Wearing a Rolex watch is more about being serious than being simply acceptable. The final touches to a man who demands respect are tied shoelaces and a stand-out watch. And while a clever scarf will draw some admiration from those around you, that Rolex will be the envy of all. Being taken seriously is really just simple math, getting noticed and valuation of worth equal the degree of seriousness perceived.

So we now know you will be taken seriously when you wear that Rolex watch. But what you don’t know is that very same watch also makes you more unique. As men, we have precious few accessories that we can wear to differentiate ourselves from the pack, but only because face tattoos, gobs of makeup and gaudy earrings on men are usually socially unacceptable. This is why we need that Rolex watch nobody else has. If you are a generic person, then waltz into your local Walmart and buy a generic watch. If you want to stand out in that crowd, discover the Rolex right for you.

If you have ever noticed, people gesture a whole lot with their hands as they are talking. And while communicating with others, we always notice their hands. People take notice when you are telling that story about your wild Saturday night while wearing a Rolex.

What do you do when standing at the grocery store checkout? If you are like most, there is a lot of fidgeting going on, whether you are stroking the face of your iPhone or checking your watch, you are doing something to pass the time. Now, does it look cooler when you are texting on your phone or if you are subtly checking the time on your Rolex watch? Also, that checkout clerk, the cute one, we guarantee when she sees your Rolex, you will leave a lasting impression.

Need any more reasons to buy that pre-owned Rolex?