Many Players Might Prefer Used Rolex Watches Over Those Gaudy Super Bowl Rings

If you were like most Americans, you probably sat in front of the television last night and watched the Super Bowl. Now, you may not have watched the game itself, maybe your interests were in the commercials or perhaps the halftime show. But we digress. As you are probably aware, the winning team will get, among many other things, Super Bowl rings that they can proudly wear when they make public appearances or go out for a night on the town. While we think every player on the winning team deserves an elegant gift, we think a ring is a poor choice. We think each member of the Denver Broncos would be more pleased with a Rolex watch. In fact, many might even prefer used Rolex watches over Super Bowl rings. And we are here to tell you why.

Rings are fine accessories and do a good job complimenting an outfit. However, the Super Bowl rings we have seen from previous years are awfully big and gaudy looking. We think the subtlety a Rolex adds to an outfit is better suited than any ring.

A ring is a piece of jewelry and its only function is that of a piece of jewelry, something you look at. However, a Rolex is more than a piece of jewelry, it serves a utilitarian purpose and that is to give you the time of day.

Finally, when you have long retired from the game and spend your days on your front porch on your rocking chair, that Super Bowl ring is probably stuffed in some box up in the attic. But that Rolex watch would still be on your wrist giving you enjoyment every single day.