The Modern-Day Men’s Stainless Steel Datejust Watches

Rolex Datejust 116234

Around since 1945, the Rolex Datejust has rightfully earned its place as the quintessential luxury dress watch. While there are countless Datejust models with a vast choice of materials, dials, bezels, and bracelets, we are particularly partial to the men’s Datejust in stainless steel as an everyday timepiece. So let’s take a closer look at the most current versions of the men’s stainless steel Datejust watches and find out what makes them so appealing.

What are the Current Men’s Stainless Steel Datejust Watches?

The current iterations of the men’s stainless steel Datejust are the Datejust ref. 116200 with a steel domed bezel and the Datejust ref. 116234 with an 18k white gold fluted bezel. Both watches sport Oyster cases that are 36mm in diameter and 11.5mm thick. As a result, these are very comfortable for everyday wear and a perfect contender to slip under a shirt cuff when needed.

The faces of the modern men’s stainless steel Datejust watches are protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Of course, on that sapphire crystal sits the ubiquitous Cyclops lens charged to magnify the signature date window at 3 o’clock.

Rolex Datejust 116200

In true Rolex fashion, both the Datejust ref. 116200 and the Datejust ref. 116234 are available with a large assortment of dial options including different color and/or pattern choices and different index options. There’s even a black and silver “Tuxedo” style concentric dial complete with a “Roulette” date window with alternating black and red numerals.

As with most modern Datejust models, the stainless steel ref. 116200 and the stainless steel and white gold ref. 116234 are available with a choice of a dressier five-link Jubilee bracelet or a sportier three-link Oyster bracelet. The Oyster bracelet is even outfitted with the practical Easylink extension system on the clasp, which allows the wearer to increase the length of the bracelet up to 5mm. Prized for their incredible quality, iconic design, and supreme comfort, modern Rolex bracelets are a joy to wear.

Rolex’s Steel of Choice: 904L

904L Steel

In 2000, Rolex began exclusively using 904L steel on the watch cases of their steel models. A so-called superalloy, 904L steel is notoriously difficult to machine and requires specialized equipment. In fact, Rolex had to make a hefty investment to ensure that they had the proper machinery to tackle 904L steel. However, since 904L steel offers the ideal combination of being highly corrosion resistant and highly polishable, the Swiss watchmaking giant maintains that the end result is worth the investment and effort. And we wholeheartedly agree!

As the most current versions of the men’s stainless steel Datejust 36 watches, both the Datejust ref. 116200 and the Datejust ref. 116234 boast 904L steel on their cases.

The Famous Rolex Caliber 3135

Often dubbed the “workhorse,” the Rolex Caliber 3135 has been the company’s go-to in-house automatic movement for their date watches since 1988. Running at 28,8000 beats per hour, providing around 48 hours of power reserve, and offering fantastic reliability, durability, and precision, the Rolex Cal. 3135 is one of the most famous mechanical movements out there.

Rolex Caliber 3135

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Rolex Caliber 3135 has an instantaneous date function. That means that at the stroke of midnight, the date changes instantaneously to the next day rather than a gradual change that takes place over a longer time frame.

Luxurious yet understated, rich with history yet suited to contemporary tastes, iconic yet subtle, today’s stainless steel Datejust watches for men hits all the right notes. For a one-watch collection, this would be the Rolex timepiece to go for.