No Thanks Apple, Rolex is Still King

With all this hype about the new Apple watch going on, it’s important to remember one thing: watches with real moving parts will always trump a computer chip. That’s right Apple, Rolex is still king. The new Apple “smartwatch” might have plenty of fun features, but it doesn’t come close to the form, function, and elegant design of a Rolex.

Even though in recent years the watch industry has faced competition from the computer world, with smartphones offering easy access to time, weather, and everything else you can imagine, the fashion aspect really can’t compare.

Not to mention the potential issues that a “smartwatch” might have. Imagine scratching or cracking a watch that expensive! Not to mention battery life! The Apple watch only has 18 hours of battery life, so what do you do if it dies? Wear a non-working watch? You can’t put a $10k watch in your pocket just because it died. Nope, Rolex is definitely still king.

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