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Our Vote for the Rolex Day Date President

The quintessential luxury dress watch, few timepieces are as revered as the Rolex Day Date. In fact, so impeccable is this Rolex watch that it has been the go-to watch for countless celebrities, global leaders, business trailblazers, and even presidents for more than half a century. It even goes by its nickname, the Rolex President. Let’s find out how the Rolex Day Date President came to be. But more importantly, why the Day Date picked up its illustrious moniker.

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Why is the Rolex Day Date the President?

While it’s true that presidents have worn the Day Date, that’s not the only reason it’s known as the Rolex President. When Rolex inaugurated the Day Date in 1956, it was presented on a brand new style bracelet. This was dubbed as the President bracelet. Characterized by its semi-circular links, the President bracelet certainly adds an even dressier touch to an already formal wristwatch.

So the combination of the bracelet’s official name along with its status among political and business presidents led the way for the (almost official) Rolex President nickname.

The Signature Details of the Rolex Day Date President

In addition to its bracelet, the most important component of the Rolex Day Date President is, of course, the pair of windows on the dial. These windows indicate the day of the week and the date of the month. The Rolex President was the first watch to have the full name of the week displayed on the dial, along with the date. These calendar functions are super practical to have on hand.

Also vital to the Rolex Day Date President model is its material. As the most luxurious dress watch in Rolex’s lineup, the Day Date President is exclusively available in 18k gold or platinum. Naturally, there are plenty of diamond Rolex President watches too.

The Four Main Rolex Day Date President Models

Throughout the Day Date’s 60-year history, the famous Swiss watchmaking giant has produced four main versions of the Rolex Day Date President.

The first and most traditional is the Day Date 36, which as its name suggests, sports a 36mm Oyster case. An absolute classic, the Day Date 36 remains as the most popular Rolex President mens watch option today. Plus, with so many references, dial options, gem settings, and metal choices, the 36mm Rolex President is also the most varied.

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It may be surprising, but even Rolex jumped on the quartz bandwagon in the 1970s with the Oysterquartz. Along with Datejust Oysterquartz watches, Rolex also made Day Date Oysterquartz timepieces in yellow and white gold. It’s interesting to note that the 36mm Oyster case of the Day Date Oysterquartz models came with an integrated bracelet rather than the President bracelet. Oysterquartz watches are no longer in production, but the secondary market has several vintage Oysterquartz models to choose from.

The third Rolex Day Date President model, the Day Date II, made its debut in 2008. With its bigger 41mm case, this was Rolex’s answer to prevailing trends for larger men’s watches. However, Rolex actually discontinued the model in 2015, even though many were happy with the bigger Rolex President watch. This was to make way for the newest Day Date collection.

The most recent Rolex President model is the Day Date 40. With its slightly smaller and slimmer 40mm Oystercase and thinner lugs, this is a very elegant Rolex President indeed. It perfectly balances a larger size along with a refined touch.

Which Rolex President Gets Your Vote?

There are so many Rolex Day Date President models out there to choose from. Settling on the right candidate may be tough. But whether you go 36mm or 40mm, vintage or modern, yellow, white, or rose gold or even platinum, really any Rolex President is a great choice. And now, you can view these great choices of used Rolex President timepieces here at We welcome you to visit today.

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