Owners of Pre-Owned Rolex Watches Hold a Deeper Wisdom

Are owners of pre-owned Rolex watches just good with money or is there a deeper wisdom to their success? I think most would concur that there are particular habits and choices that successful people do and make that sets them up for success.

You see the pre-owned Rolex watch on his wrist and you picture him lounging on the deck of his yacht or traveling in his private jet to an exotic tropical location. Others see him taking control of a business meeting, acting cool and collected, demanding everybody sees things his way. But reality, my friends, is something very different.

So, just what do these Rolex watch owners do every day? Besides chiding the butler of course. Well, they think and act differently than most, that’s for sure.

Girl Practice Yoga


Anybody who owns a Rolex watch or is otherwise successful will tell you that taking care of their mind and body is key to their success. Eating healthy, relaxing, meditating, exercising and getting plenty of sleep will improve your chances of success. Besides, any yoga position looks even better when you are wearing a Rolex watch.

Early Risers

Successful people are known to be early risers. But just how does this attribute to their success? For one, if you are getting up at the crack of dawn, you’re not out gallivanting late at night. A very successful friend once told me that nothing good ever happens when you are out on the town after midnight. In addition, early risers start their day ahead of everybody else by enjoying personal time, exercising and eating a healthy breakfast, all while you are sleeping off those four shots of tequila. It is also true that early risers tend to be happier and more proactive, I am sure I read that somewhere.

Guy Reading a Book

They Read

When they aren’t admiring the Rolex watch on their wrist, successful people are reading. And no, they aren’t reading your Facebook status updates or watching television, they are reading, reading content that is making them even more successful. I have news for you, keeping your face buried in your iPhone or watching reruns of Friends will never lead to success. Post that on Twitter.

Set Goals

What do you hope to accomplish today besides riding out your hangover and getting through the workday without hugging the toilet? A survey found that 95 percent of successful people write down goals and visions and then work hard to achieve them. You can’t make this stuff up. Seriously, make it a goal to look it up yourself.

I could continue this list, but it would only serve to depress many of you. If you wish to be a successful person, reread this article, change your deplorable ways and buy a used Rolex watch.