Rare Rolex Explorer II With a Cream Dial

The reason why this rare Rolex Explorer II with Cream Dial is so alluring, is because it was created right as Rolex was transitioning to modern materials and production practices, and it represents that period of flux perfectly. The reason why it’s so rare is because the cream-colored dial is actually the result of a mistake by a Rolex supplier, so very few of them even exist.

What happened was that when Rolex decided to change the Explorer II from the original orange-handed reference 1655 to the 16550, they made it look a lot more like the GMT-Master with the option of a black or white dial. Except early white dials came out with this strange cream color, which wasn’t exactly successful with customers.

The error was fixed immediately and the Explorer II went back to the true black or true white option. Some collectors hate it, others love it, but either way it’s extremely rare which means it’s high in demand, and hard to find.

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