Rolex Creates the Perfect Rubber Bracelet

Even if a concept is already out there, when Rolex decides to do something, they make it their own and take it all the way. One recent example of this is the rubber strap they unveiled at Baselworld 2015 on their new Everose gold Yacht-Master.

First off, don’t call it a “strap;” it’s officially the Oysterflex bracelet. And with all its features, it’s not hard to see why they’d be so particular about the name.

The bracelet consists a pair of titanium blades that are coated in a high-end rubber-like material called black elastomer. Each piece has a built-in cushion pad that lifts the band off the skin to allow air to circulate and somehow better stabilize the watch. The Everose gold Oysterlock clasp may seem a bit heavy and fancy for the rubber, but it balances out the watch nicely.

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