What is the Rolex Date Watch?

With such famous siblings such as the Datejust, the Day-Date, the Submariner, and the Daytona, the Rolex Date is oftentimes overlooked. However, we’re here to highlight this understated and affordable Rolex watch. Featuring the famed waterproof Oyster case, a date window on the dial, and an automatic movement within, the Rolex Date has plenty to offer and a range of price points. Read on to discover more.

The Sizes of the Rolex Date

Ladies Rolex Stainless Steel Date White Roman 6916

The Rolex Date and the Rolex Datejust are often confused with each other due to their similar names and functionality. However, the major difference between the two Rolex dress watches is that the largest Date is smaller than the largest Datejust. Top tip, a quick way to differentiate them is to look at the dial where it’ll display either the DATE label or the DATEJUST label.

Rolex has made three different sizes of the Date watch. Historically, there’s been the men’s 34mm, the midsize 31mm, and the ladies’ 26mm. However, while all these sizes are of course available in the secondary market, today there’s only one size of the Rolex Date currently offered by the brand and that’s 34mm.

The Materials and Design Choices of the Rolex Date

Similar to most Rolex watch collections, the Date was made available in a wide assortment of materials and style variations. There are full stainless steel Date models, stainless steel and white gold versions, two-tone yellow gold and stainless steel editions, and even full yellow gold ones. Then, there are the fluted bezels, the smooth bezels, and the engine turned bezels. Plus, you can find plenty of Rolex Date watches with after-market custom diamond bezels too.

Mens Rolex Stainless Steel Date Silver 15200

As its name implies, all Date watches come with a date window on the dial at 3 o’clock, which means they all have the Cyclops magnification lens too. Depending on the era, there are Rolex Date watches with acrylic crystals and some with sapphire crystals. In true Rolex fashion, there’s a huge variety of dial options in different colors, patterns, and with many different index styles too. Typical of Rolex dress watches, there are Date watches with Jubilee bracelets or Oyster bracelets. However, wearing them on a custom leather strap looks fantastic too.

While the pre-owned market offers plenty of different styles of the Rolex Date, in the brand’s current catalog there are only full stainless steel and stainless steel with a white gold bezel models available.

The Affordability of the Rolex Date

A big draw of the Rolex Date is its (relative) affordability, making it a great starter luxury watch for men and women. Depending on size, materials, and condition, prices of the Rolex Date in the secondary market can start as low as $1,700 for a stainless steel ladies’ model and top out at about $10,000 for a full yellow gold with diamonds version. Sometimes it pays to look at less well-known Rolex models!

For those who enjoy smaller sized luxury watches or want to start building their Rolex collection, the Rolex Date is a fantastic choice. Boasting characteristic Rolex designs and solid mechanics and practicality, the Date offers plenty of watch without the hefty price tag.