Rolex Demands Apology from Italian PM

Apparently Italy’s Prime Minister has offended the head of Rolex in Italy by “sullying” its reputation after he suggested that protesters and vandals in Milan were spoilt Rolex-wearing brats. In fact, Gianpaolo Marini demanded an apology from Matteo Renzi in full page ads in major Italian newspapers on Wednesday!

Renzi and interior minister Angelino Alfano both seized on a photograph published in newspapers over the weekend that showed a masked anti-Expo protester who vandalised Milan on Friday wearing a Rolex.

“I have to express my profound regret and disappointment for the association implied by your words – that there is a link between window-breakers and the fact of wearing a Rolex watch on your wrist,” Marini wrote. The photo of the supposed Rolex vandal seems to be a convenient political symbol for the two politicians, who used the image to discredit the protests that occurred on the day of the Expo’s opening.

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