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Michael Fernald – Wall of Shame


Sans Souci Mailboxes & More – Employee Fraud / MoneyGram Compromised?


I want to introduce the internet to the repetitive chargeback man by the name of “Michael Fernald“. The name that was used during email conversions, recent fraudulent orders and we’re the victim of two separate chargebacks as well as multiple failed attempts at a total loss of $9,389.96 in chargebacks. Today we’re tired of being the victim so we’re going to fight back!

Today “Michael” tried to order our nice Mens Two Toned GMT-Master 16753 and like before cost us thousands of dollars in chargebacks. Our goal here to to create awareness, discourage feature chargebacks and protect ourselves from this problem.

Who is “Michael Fernald”?

I’m not really sure yet. Can you help us fight back? All orders s/he’s asked us to ship to go here:

1966 NE 123 ST. # 2301685
MIAMI, Florida 33181

That is a P.O. Box that funnels through Sans Souci Mailboxes & More who also offers the service MoneyGram. Maybe I’m onto something here.. or it’s just me but I small something rotten.

Lets look at the past orders which goto the same address above and see what s/he’s got us for.

You get the point. So Manuela has orders from us on a few different IPs. However one of them is an Northern Miami IP address which may be the point of origin.


Who signs for these packages:


What email addresses does s/he use?

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]

What Phone Number does s/he give us?

(305) 979-6636

Whats the phone number for Sans Souci Mailboxes & More

(305) 981-3499

As a P.O. Box company that receives packages I believe it is required to check and see who is signing these items out of their possession. The same person “MONTOYA” is signing both of these packages being delivered. How is the person getting these legitimate card numbers to order stuff online? Here is my personal theory:

This is a inside employee at Sans Souci Mailboxes & More who could be stealing MoneyGrams or their own customer credit card information to buy fraudulent items online.

I have called both phone numbers above multiple times with no answer. I will update this post as I discover more but I believe “MONTOYA” has some explaining to do. Do we have any Miami law enforcement fans out there to see who this MONTOYA is and what did he/she do with our packages?


I have spoken with MONTOYA and what seems to have happened is that its laid out like this:

  • The customer that picks these items up at Sans Souci Mailboxes then ships it to his friend somewhere.
  • Our friends over at noticed the fraud on there own website and linked us to the Secret Service.
  • The Secret Service has called Sans Souci Mailboxes and got all the information.

Michael Fernald or whoever you are. We’re coming after you.

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