Successful People Wear Used Rolex Watches

In our last post, I was pointing out the deeper wisdom held by successful people and ways in which their daily activities differ from yours. In addition to the fact that successful people wear used Rolex watches and you wear an Apple watch, successful people do several things that propel them to their lofty status. In my last post, I gave a few solid examples of what successful people do; then decided to cut it short as I sensed it was forcing people to take a deeper look into themselves and perhaps causing depression.

Then I thought about it and decided if you are going to be a successful person, you need to hear the whole truth. You need to know more about the things successful people do that sets them apart.

I suggest you take notes.

Keep Busy

Successful people are not idle. When successful people aren’t busy at work, they are exercising, reading or doing something constructive with their time and not playing Candy Crush or scrolling through Instagram. So, stay busy my friends.

Keep Busy

Say No

Successful people understand all too well that is is quite alright to say “no” to extra work or activities that will simply be a waste of time. You will never get anything accomplished if you are constantly saying “yes” to other people’s requests. Don’t be distracted by tasks that aren’t important or ones that can wait, work in the here and now.

Lay Low

Spewing out every idea or thought is not going to earn you brownie points with many people. Studies show that only 11 percent of successful people blurt out what is on their mind while 69 percent of unsuccessful people do. Seriously, look it up for yourself you lazy bums.

Eat Right

Studies show that unsuccessful people eat too much junk food. In fact, the study claims that 97 percent of unsuccessful people eat more than 300 junk-food calories a day while 70 percent of successful individuals eat less than 300 junk-food calories a day. Pass the Pringles and ranch dip.


Successful people tend to dedicate time and energy in widening their circle of trusted friends and influences. That is, they work diligently to expand their network. But hey, you just met a dude with a man bun who turned you on to some really killer death metal bands.

Stay Cool

Angry Guy

Successful people stay cool and calm under all types of circumstances. It seems as though unsuccessful people have a difficult time controlling their emotions. Think about this the next time you honk your horn, scream and flip the bird at the dude in the man bun listening to death metal who just cut you off in traffic.

If you want to be successful, don’t let your actions put you at a disadvantage.