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Testing the Rolex GMT-Master II


Often referred to the “Batman” Rolex because of its black and blue bezel, the Rolex GMT-Master II is notorious for its two bezel-color combinations. In this article the author tests the first version of the Rolex GMT-Master II ever to sport this sleek color combination. These types of bezels are so well-known that they even have nicknames: “Pepsi” and “Coke”, because of the colors of the brand.

In 2005 Rolex began to shift to ceramic bezels instead of metal with the launch of a special 50th anniversary model of the GMT-Master II. The advantages of ceramic over metal are that it is more scratch-resistant and less likely to fade after years of exposure to light. Then in 2006 and 2007, Rolex brought out steel and gold, and all steel versions of the GMT-Master II, both with all-black ceramic bezels.

What brought bi-color black was a new manufacturing method that Rolex itself invented and patented that involves applying a metallic salt to half of the bezel before the whole thing is fired in a kiln, which creates the color. In the rest of the article you’ll be able to see the full test of the Rolex including specs, scores, and prices for each watch.

Read the full story here :: Dynamic Duo: Our Watch Test of the Rolex GMT-Master II

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