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The Preciousness of the Platinum Rolex Day Date President

The Rolex Day Date President is already the brand’s most luxurious dress watch. And the platinum iterations are the most precious of the President watches. While there are some ultra rare platinum Rolex Day Date President watches like the platinum ref. 6612—the earliest known platinum Day Date—and the ref. 1813 with an integrated platinum bracelet made especially for the Shah of Iran, here we’ll be focusing on more popular platinum Rolex Day Date President models.

The Signature Details of the Platinum Rolex Day Date President

The first thing to note about the platinum Day Date President is that Rolex exclusively uses 950 platinum. As its label suggests, it consists of 95% platinum (and 5% ruthenium), permitting the material to be strong enough for watch construction while emitting its distinct luster.

Another detail to consider on the platinum President is its bezel. Rather than the signature fluted bezels of the gold Day Date watches, the platinum Day Date President timepieces come with either a smooth bezel or a diamond-set bezel. This is to differentiate it from 18k white gold models since both metals are similar in color.

Like other Day Date watches, the traditional platinum President sports a 36mm Oyster case and distinguished President bracelet. Naturally, on the dial, there’s the iconic duo of windows displaying the day at 12 o’clock and date at 3 o’clock—hence the Day Date name.

A particularly famous dial of the platinum Day Date President is the ice blue dial. This specific shade of glacier blue is exclusive to platinum Rolex models. Therefore, it’s a quick and easy way to reveal the platinum construction of a Rolex watch housing the ice blue dial.

Mens Rolex Day Date Ref 18206 Platinum President 35ct Full Diamond

The Vintage Platinum Day Date President Ref. 18206

In 1988, Rolex introduced the Caliber 3155 to the Day Date collection allowing the two calendar functions to adjust independently from the hour hand. Dubbed the double quickset, this makes the Rolex President an especially practical everyday luxury watch. The platinum version of the Rolex President of that era was the mens Rolex Day Date ref 18206.

The Contemporary Platinum Day Date President Ref. 118206

At the turn of this century during Baselworld 2000, Rolex unveiled the most current version of the Day-Date 36. Along with the gold varieties, Rolex presented the platinum Day Date ref. 118206, which is the current model in Rolex’s catalog. Along with the ice-blue dial, there are so many dial options including a variety of colors, materials, and numeral styles. In addition to the ref. 118206 with the smooth bezel, there’s also the platinum Day Date President ref. 118346 outfitted with a diamond bezel. There’s even a diamond encrusted platinum President bracelet option as well for ultimate lavishness.

The Larger Platinum Day Date President Watches

As with the gold Day Date watches, there are also larger versions of the platinum Presidential watches. There’s the platinum Day Date II ref. 218206 with a 41mm Oyster case, broader lugs, and overall bulkier look. Although it’s a great style for men searching for a larger version of the restrained 36mm size, Rolex ceased its production in 2015. It was replaced that same year by the more refined platinum Day Date 40 model with a slimmer and smaller 40mm case. The platinum Day Date 40 ref. 228206 includes a smooth bezel whereas the platinum Day Date 40 ref. 228396TBR shines bright with a baguette diamond bezel.

The absolute king of luxury watches, nothing comes close to the preciousness and prestige of a platinum Rolex Day Date President. This watch says it all without uttering a single word. If you’re going for high-level, you might as well go for platinum status! And while you’re here, we welcome you to view the stunning pre-loved selection of a Rolex President mens platinum timepiece here at BeckerTime.