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The Virtues of Rolex Watches


Even though the title of this piece on Watch Time indicates that it’s going to be about buying new or pre-owned watches, it’s actually a thoughtful and interesting essay about the virtues of Rolex watches in general.

The writer does start off with the pros and cons of buying a vintage Rolex. Each piece contains a feeling of adventure and history that the new ones don’t have. And depending on your budget, you can pretty much find any color/style combination you want with the level of aging you prefer. Most crucial in the entire search, though, is finding a reputable dealer.

He then starts talking about Rolexes themselves. It’s not actually a low volume production, as one estimate puts the number at about one million hand-assembled pieces a year. Although they’re pricey for not being the most rare or the most innovative, what Rolexes do offer is minimal depreciation, stellar service, and top-notch mechanics.

Read the full article here: Advice for Collectors: Buying New vs. Vintage Rolex Watches

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