The Watchmaker Answers Questions Concerning Pre Owned Rolex Watches

Dear Watchmaker,

I am in the market for a used Rolex watch, perhaps something vintage, but definitely something very classy because that is how I like to roll. The problem is I don’t even know where to start. What type of Rolex watch do you suppose Vin Deisel would wear? I guess I’m asking which Rolex watches are the coolest.

Confused in Reno

Dear Confused in Reno,

Let me clear up a little confusion on your part by answering your questions in no particular order. First, I don’t care what type of Rolex Vin Deisel would wear. It doesn’t matter because Vin Deisel would make an Apple watch look classy, that is just how cool he is. The trick is to find a Rolex watch classy enough to make you look good, no easy task for sure. If you are into the vintage Rolex look, then you cannot go wrong with the timeless Submariner or even an Oysterdate, both very good choices.

As for your question concerning which Rolex watches are the coolest, it should be quite clear that all Rolex watches fall into the cool category. The only difference is the level of coolness a particular Rolex watch might have, which is subjective of course. Personally, I think the GMT Master is one of the coolest Rolex watches on the market.

When you are in the market for a pre-owned Rolex watch, a good starting point would be right here. Think of our blog pages as articles that are written to bring you closer to the Rolex brand. We want you to love and embrace Rolex watches as much as we do. Then it is a good idea to browse our selection of Used Rolex watches, carefully. Take your time and really soak in every detail each watch offers. Remember, this is not a race, take your time in selecting the right Rolex watch for you.

The Watchmaker