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The Watch You Choose Needs to be Sophisticated, Versatile and Classic, You Need a Used Rolex Submariner


Did you know that there are rules to match your watch to your outfit? Imagine you are attending a black-tie event, you have poise and style in your rented tux, you are certainly grabbing everyone’s attention. But then you stick out your arm and casually turn your wrist to check the time….and the crowd lets out a collective gasp as you reveal a Casio watch with a cloth strap, or worse still, an Apple watch.

You failed.

This, my friends, is the power of the watch, well, not all watches mind you, but the right watches. The watch you wear can either make or break your attire. Men are limited by the jewelry they can wear, so choose what you wear wisely. The watch you choose needs to be sophisticated, versatile and classic, you need a used Rolex Submariner.rolex

The Watch You Choose Needs to Match the Formality of the Outfit

Look, if you are headed to a beach party in a pair of boardshorts, perhaps you can get by with that Casio, if you have to. But even in such casual attire, show just a little class by sporting a Rolex Submariner. Besides, the Rolex Submariner is waterproof, that Casio won’t stand a chance in the water.

If you are dressed for business, a job interview for example, then by all means, wear the Submariner. Wearing the Casio will put you at a disadvantage and wearing an Apple watch will get you kicked out the of the interview.

If you are attending, say, a sporting event, again, you need to wear the Submariner. All the physical movements involved in cheering for your team will leave the Casio in pieces.

Look, if you take pride in the outfits you wear and want to present yourself in a way that garners respect, you must wear the right type of watch. Now, go on ahead and order that stunning Rolex Submariner, we suggest the blue/gold two-tone.

Dress For Success With A Rolex Watch

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