When Three is Better Than One: The Tridor Ladies’ Datejust

Aside from creating sought-after luxury watches, Rolex is also particularly good at coining names. Take for example the name Tridor. Tridor is a blended word using the words tri (three) and d’or (French for golden). So, as the moniker suggests, Tridor is the use of three shades of gold on one Rolex watch. While there are men’s Tridor Rolex watches, today we turn our attention to Tridor ladies’ Datejust timepieces. On women’s Datejust watches, Rolex applies the Tridor design on two types of bracelets—the President and the Pearlmaster. Let’s have a closer look.

Tridor Ladies’ Datejust President

Rolex Ladies Datejust Tridor 69179

Similar to the men’s Rolex President watch, the ladies’ Rolex President watches also come with the famous President bracelet with the distinct semi-circular three-link configuration—albeit in a smaller size. As one of Rolex’s most luxurious offerings, the President bracelet is always crafted in precious metals, be it solid gold or platinum. The Tridor President bracelet takes it a step further by combining three shades of gold in a surprising fashion.

Let’s take the Tridor ladies’ Datejust President ref. 69179 as an example. The white gold President bracelet includes center links that have a vertical stripe design in rose, yellow, and white gold—the signature look for the Tridor. Plus, to match the multi-colored gold bracelet, the case of the Tridor ladies’ Datejust President ref. 69179 sports a solid 18k white gold 26mm case topped with an 18k yellow gold fluted bezel. Everything comes together in an attractive and cohesive manner.

Tridor Ladies’ Datejust Pearlmaster

Another version of the ladies’ Tridor Rolex is available within the Pearlmaster collection—a special version of the Lady-Datejust that gets its name from its bracelet. This time, the bracelet features a rounded five-link structure.

Rolex Ladies Pearlmaster Tridor 80318

If we look at the Tridor ladies’ Datejust ref. 80318 as an example, we see that the Tridor approach is different than that of the President bracelet. Each row of links features an alternating shade of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, which is a striking contrast to the 29mm yellow gold Oyster case. The use of three different colors of gold certainly emphasizes the high jewelry-like nature of the Pearlmaster bracelet. Plus, the 12 diamonds on the bezel adds even more luxuriousness to the already ultra-precious Rolex jewelry watch.

A big appeal of the Tridor ladies’ Datejust, whether President or Pearlmaster, is that there’s no need to worry about matching jewelry with it. Since it includes all three shades of gold, it’s an ideal luxury women’s watch that will pair with any other metal jewelry or accessory hardware. Precious, unique, and versatile—the Rolex Tridor is a great wardrobe addition for any style maven.