Top Selling Celebrity Rolex Watches

Have you ever wondered how much celebrity Rolex watches go for in an auction? Get ready for your jaw to drop when you see these hefty figures for watches that rocked the big screen on the wrists of some of the most famous celebrities. Most of these watches get sold at auctions, so the prices depend on how high people are willing to pay for them.

The Planet Ocean Rolex from Casino Royale was auctioned for a whopping $255,565 in an auction at Christie’s in London in 2012 and was the second most expensive watch to be auctioned. The third highest was the Rolex from Live and Let Die which went for $196,056.

At a separate auction, a Rolex Oyster made circa 1945 that was owned by silent film star, Charlie Chaplin, and also notable for its rarity as one of the few left-handed models produced by Rolex sold for $51,250.  Another auction sold the Rolex Dato-Compax Chronograph made in 1951 and famously worn by, and nicknamed for, the Olympic skiing champion Jean-Claude Killy, for a staggering $614,500.

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