Used Rolex Watches Can Determine Your Social Position

Ever since their invention, watches have been status symbols, indications of a person’s wealth, social and professional status. For example, if you pulled out a pocket watch in the mid 18th century, you were a dude with a ton of wealth and very high status.

But it’s different today as watches are mass produced and many people can afford used Rolex watches. But then, some things don’t change as depending on the brand, style and design, watches are still used in social peacocking.

Highly expensive watches aren’t a necessity nor are they strictly a novelty and from a technological standpoint, they are not even needed to keep track of time. But the watch you wear does say something about yourself. In a social context, the watch you wear determines level of education, social position, wealth and even taste. You might choose a particular watch because you wish to fit in or you may pick a watch to make a good impression, either way, you choose the watch you wear for a very good reason. I take that back; you choose a watch to impress a person or a group of people.

So, who do you wish to impress?

Business Colleague

Business Collague

Did you know that in Europe you aren’t taken seriously in business unless you are wearing a sound mechanical watch? But this doesn’t mean you rush out and buy the most expensive watch you can’t afford. In addition to good taste in watches, Europeans are also not impressed with people who are irresponsible with their money. It is a delicate balancing act to show restraint as well as good taste when it comes to selecting a watch.

People at Your High School Reunion

If you are prepping for, say, your 25-year high school reunion and want everybody to know how successful you have become, you might think it pertinent to buy a $75,000 Philippe Patek. But then again, you would be dead wrong.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a Philippe Patek because not very many people at the reunion will recognize it as an expensive watch. On the other hand, everybody at the reunion will recognize and completely admire a Rolex Submariner and a good used one will cost a fraction of the price of a new Philippe Patek. People, buy smart.


No matter what you wear, you will be scrutinized from your head to your feet by your future in-laws. What’s worse is that you actually care what they think of you. In fact, you may need their seal of approval before you can move forward in the relationship.

This is a very tricky situation as you don’t want to be chided for wearing a watch considered too expensive yet you don’t want to come off as cheap either.

Man, what a dilemma. Good luck finding the perfect watch for that crowd.


Snobs only understand the price of an object. Buy the most expensive watch you can afford.



Ahh, so you wish to lure a lovely lass with the perfect watch, how quaint. Men always want to impress the ladies by showing them they have good taste. Wearing an expensive luxury watch might impress many girls, but probably not the type you would want to take home to meet your mother.

Again, you will need to put careful thought and consideration into this choice.

Good luck.