Pre-Loved Rolex Wristwatches are as Iconic as the Dodge Challenger

Watches have been around for over 500 years and have survived numerous technological advances. Brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer and Piaget have been a staple in the industry for quite some time and are showing no signs that they are ever going to slow down.

Whether you realize it or not, watch lovers exist in droves. Tell you what; pay a visit to the local dinner theater, art museum or some other cultural event and we would be willing to bet big bucks that the majority of patrons will be wearing watches. And we would be willing to bet that many of those watches are luxury watches. Whether they are wearing used Rolex watches or more modern Diesel watches, there are plenty of watches to be sure.

You see, just because you happen to have grown up in this age of the iPhone and other smartphones and have no practical use for a watch doesn’t mean watches will suddenly disappear like the mullet hairstyle or Member’s Only jackets. You see, watch brands and watch lovers understand the demand for traditional watches will continue even as new technology floods the market.

Think in terms of good taste, status symbols and culture. Take, for example, the Dodge Challenger, a classic muscle car that has recently been updated and reissued. If you drove a Dodge Challenger in the 1970s, you were a badass. If you drove one in the 1980s, you were a badass. In fact, you are a badass if you are driving a classic Dodge Challenger right now. Even if you aren’t the coolest dude at the office and you aren’t wealthy and you don’t look like Vin Diesel driving a Challenger automatically makes you a badass.


Apart from history and the fact the Challenger is a badass car, brand recognition and pop culture also play a huge role in iconic goods. For example, upon the release of the James Bond movie Skyfall, there was a huge spike in interest and in sales of the Omega Seamaster collection of watches. Why is this? Simple math: James Bond is a badass and he wears an Omega Seamaster so if you wear an Omega Seamaster watch you will also be a badass. So, if JB + OS = BA then YOU + OS = BA.

And it’s not just fictional characters in Hollywood that influence the masses. We draw influence from any number of people including sports heroes, entertainers and even politicians. We pay attention when we find out that Hugh Jackman wears a Girard-Perregaux or that Leonardo DiCaprio sports a Tag Heuer, but couldn’t care less what type of smartphone they have.

A smartphone is only all the rage until something better comes out, something more updated, which is why many smartphones have a number after the name, like the iPhone 7 or the Samsung Galaxy 8. Ultimately, smartphones are throwaway items. After all, who do you know using an iPhone 2?

Mechanical watches have remained popular throughout the years, even through this digital age, because they are items of superior quality and craftsmanship. As much as we might be attached to our smartphones, tablets or whatever, there is just something special about owning an item that has had so much time and energy put into it. Your iPhone will be obsolete in two or three years, a Rolex watch will never be a forgotten item.

When the time comes to pass along something my son can love and cherish for many years, I doubt he would take me very seriously if I handed him the very first Blackberry I owned. My guess is he would be much more appreciative if I gave him my Rolex. And in doing so, I instill in him the beauty and fun in owning a classic watch that will never, ever go out of style.