VIDEO: The Classic Rolex Datejust

In this video titled “The Spirit of the Datejust” that was released before Baselworld 2015 to honor the 70th anniversary of the iconic Rolex Datejust, you’ll be easily reminded why you love the Rolex brand so much. The video is clever, entertaining, and of course well-written, with intriguing comments like, “Archetype of the modern watch”.

Another interesting aspect of the video is that Rolex doesn’t spend too much time talking about the modern Rolex Datejust, but instead, pays homage to the Datejust product family name and the history of its collection. It highlights some of its most distinctive features like the date window, and how later it became a magnifier lens over the date window.

It is also suggested that perhaps Rolex didn’t spend too much time showcasing the newer models since they dropped a ton of brand new ones at Baselworld, and didn’t want to give them away before the event. Either way, the video is nicely done, and sure to be appreciated by any fine-watch lover.

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