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Wall of Shame (765) 667-3563


Watch our fellow eCommerce sites! The fraudsters do call you!

I want to introduce the internet to the identity theft issue a “customer” called us about which could have led to a chargeback. We are working with the victim to get a refund and our watch back! The last time we had to do this was for Michael Fernald but we have a new post on our Wall of Shame. Because the customer called us we don’t want to give too much information regarding who she is but we’ve decided to release the IP and phone number and do a little more digging.

This girl was so stupid that she sent the item Mens Datejust 16233 back to Carmel, IN 46033 where the original card holder lives! She can’t even do that right. Thanks for that though! I hope you’re reading. Our goal here to to create awareness, discourage feature chargebacks and protect ourselves from this problem.

Who is behind (765) 667-3563?

I’m not really sure yet. I’ve used my internet skills and found: Carmen Neville at least attached to this number. Who knows if its her who called.

4270 W 100 N
Winchester, IN 47394

Whats crazy is that Winchester, IN is only a hour away from Carmel, IN. Again I’m finding this here: which does link to social security numbers… dobs, and all that.

Looking here: which is owned by Verizon and private number.

I have the IP of this person below which comes from Bend, IN which I’m thinking that most IPs come from that area for at least the northern part of the state.


What email addresses does s/he use?

  1. [email protected]

What Phone Number does s/he give us?

(765) 667-3563

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