What Do Rolex Dealers Think About Apple Watch?

While you may think most Rolex dealers turn their nose up at the new Apple watch, one dealer is turning theirs down. TraxNYC owner Maksud Agadjani knows how to market expensive watches, like the one he lent to America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon — a glittering diamond Rolex Sky Dweller worth a cool $180,000.

Agadiani’s store carries a stunning selection of sparkling diamond-encrusted watches, and soon, it’ll carry the Apple watch as well. That’s right, a high-end luxury watch shop wants to sell the Apple watch…and he may even add a diamond bevel as well!

Agadiani thinks that the case for the more expensive versions of the Apple watch will open up so you can change out the chip, but apparently apple already has ideas for different tiers of pricing for different products. So does this mean a Rolex dealer is agreeing that the Apple watch is a luxury watch?

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