Why Do Authorized Rolex Dealers Bash Aftermarket Parts?


OK, for the last several weeks we’ve been touching on the touchy subject of aftermarket parts vs. genuine parts. Is there any difference between the two? Is one better than the other? How does the use of one vs. the other affect the overall value of the watch?

Questions like that.

And here’s another question. Why do authorized Rolex dealers (Ads) bash aftermarket parts?

Well, for one, it voids the warranty. That alone should keep people from using aftermarket parts during the warranty period. No one wants a voided warranty, especially when a genuine problem shows up, unlikely thought that might be.

But what about after the warranty has run out? Then it’s not such a big deal, although Rolex will refuse to work on the watch if it detects aftermarket parts. And they’ll confiscate the parts – or the watch itself – if those parts are deemed to infringe on Rolex’s trademarks and patents.

Another reason? Well, aftermarket parts are notorious for the quality not being as high as factory parts. The fit may not be exactly right. In fact, the fit could be bad enough to cause real damage during operation of the watch.

Those are the real reasons Ads bash aftermarket parts. Because their use could jeopardize the mechanical integrity of the watch.